How to Draw Easy Figures

How to Draw Easy FiguresWith creativity, you can draw nice pictures without much drawing skill. Here are a couple of creative ways to draw easy figures, such as cute animals and cartoon figures. They are simpler to draw than they look because these figures consist of mainly geometric shapes. Start with some geometric shapes and then do the rest of the details to form different figures. What a nice idea! Teach your kids this technique and I am sure they will love drawing these funny figures so easily by themselves. Let’s grab some pieces of paper and a pencil to get started. Enjoy!

How-to-Draw-Easy-Figures-1.jpg How-to-Draw-Easy-Figures-2.jpg How-to-Draw-Easy-Figures-3.jpg How-to-Draw-Easy-Figures-4.jpg How-to-Draw-Easy-Figures-5.jpg How-to-Draw-Easy-Figures-6.jpg How-to-Draw-Easy-Figures-7.jpg How-to-Draw-Easy-Figures-8.jpg How-to-Draw-Easy-Figures-9.jpg How-to-Draw-Easy-Figures-10.jpg How-to-Draw-Easy-Figures-11.jpg How-to-Draw-Easy-Figures-12.jpg How-to-Draw-Easy-Figures-13.jpg How-to-Draw-Easy-Figures-14.jpg How-to-Draw-Easy-Figures-15.jpg How-to-Draw-Easy-Figures-16.jpg How-to-Draw-Easy-Figures-17.jpg How-to-Draw-Easy-Figures-18.jpg

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