How to Do Funny Animal Themed Nail Art

How-to-Do-Funny-Animal-Themed-Nail-Art-0.jpg How-to-Do-Funny-Animal-Themed-Nail-Art-1.jpg How-to-Do-Funny-Animal-Themed-Nail-Art-2.jpg How-to-Do-Funny-Animal-Themed-Nail-Art-3.jpg How-to-Do-Funny-Animal-Themed-Nail-Art-4.jpg How-to-Do-Funny-Animal-Themed-Nail-Art-5.jpg How-to-Do-Funny-Animal-Themed-Nail-Art-6.jpg How-to-Do-Funny-Animal-Themed-Nail-Art-7.jpg How-to-Do-Funny-Animal-Themed-Nail-Art-8.jpg How-to-Do-Funny-Animal-Themed-Nail-Art-9.jpg How-to-Do-Funny-Animal-Themed-Nail-Art-10.jpg

When doing nail arts, we can get inspired from many things, such as flowers, geometric shapes, animals and so on. Here are 11 creative ways to do funny nail arts that are inspired by animals, including cat, bunny, penguin, pig, ladybug etc. These animal themed nail arts are so lovely! You can do it on your own nails or for little girls who love animals or pets. My favorite is the first one: the cat theme. What about you? Enjoy! 🙂

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