How to DIY Stylish Finger-Knitted Bracelet

How to DIY Stylish Finger-Knitted Bracelet

It is always nice to be able to knit something with your own hands which are probably the simplest tools and without using knitting needles. For example, you can knit an easy scarf using your arm, or knit a stylish rainbow scarf with your fingers

I found another great DIY tutorial on how to knit bracelets with fingers. It also shows different ways to knit with 2 fingers, 3 fingers and 4 fingers, which will create different thickness of bracelets. They are very easy to make. Just choose you favorite colors for the fabric and follow the simple steps to create these stylish finger knitted bracelets. They are ideal for summer activities, such as going to the beach, swimming, camping, etc., because they are lightweight, durable, colorful and stylish! Another benefit of these bracelets is the material: jersey knit fabric. You can buy the ready-made fabric from the stores, or if you have some old jersey knit t-shirts, you can recycle them and make these finger-knitted bracelets.

Here’s the link to the detailed instructions with a video tutorial…

V and CO. – Jersey Knit Bracelet Tutorial 

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