How to DIY Snowflake Ornaments from Plastic Bottles

How to DIY Snowflake Ornaments from Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottle craft is a nice way to recycle plastic bottles. There are many creative ways to re-purpose plastic bottles into some beautiful ornaments to decorate your home. Here is a perfect example: make pretty snowflake ornaments from plastic bottles. The idea is very simple yet smart! You can work with your kids on it. They will have fun creating these cute ornaments with their own hands. You can hang these plastic bottle snowflake ornaments over the window, ceiling, or use them to decorate your Christmas tree. Happy crafting!

Here are the supplies you may need:

  • Plastic bottles of various colors;
  • Scissors;
  • Knife;
  • Cord;
  • Ribbon;
  • Permanent markers;
  • Glitter paint.


  1. Cut the bottom parts of the plastic bottles as the snowflakes.
  2. Use permanent markers or glitter paint to draw your favorite patterns on the snowflakes.
  3. Polk a small hole on the snowflakes and insert ribbon or cord.
  4. These beautiful plastic bottle snowflake ornaments are ready to be hung. Enjoy!

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