How to DIY Easy Crepe Paper Rose

How to DIY Easy Crepe Paper Rose

Crepe paper flowers look like natural flowers but last longer and won’t wilt or droop. That’s why they are very popular for decorations. There are many creative ways to make gorgeous crepe paper roses and here is another example. I can’t believe it’s so easy. Just cut out the petals and leaves according to the templates. Then do some twisting and pasting and here you go! It’s interesting that one of the templates for the petals is heart shaped. The rose looks so real and fresh! You can put it in a small glass jar to decorate your room, or make a bouquet to send as gift or as a bridal bouquet. It’s also great ornament on a gift box, photo frame and so on. Try different colors of crepe paper to make this beautiful rose. Enjoy!


  • crepe paper of various colors
  • wire
  • wooden skewer
  • scissors
  • glue
  • floral tape
  • templates

How to DIY Easy Crepe Paper Rose 10

How-to-DIY-Easy-Crepe-Paper-Rose-1.jpg How-to-DIY-Easy-Crepe-Paper-Rose-2.jpg How-to-DIY-Easy-Crepe-Paper-Rose-3.jpg How-to-DIY-Easy-Crepe-Paper-Rose-4.jpg How-to-DIY-Easy-Crepe-Paper-Rose-5.jpg How-to-DIY-Easy-Crepe-Paper-Rose-6.jpg How-to-DIY-Easy-Crepe-Paper-Rose-7.jpg How-to-DIY-Easy-Crepe-Paper-Rose-8.jpg

Source: Martha Stewart

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