How to DIY Creative Cake Shaped Gift Boxes

How to DIY Creative Cake Shaped Gift Boxes

What a creative idea to create such beautiful gift boxes in the form of pieces of a cake! The decoration part is also fun. With the ribbon bows, quilling flowers, buttons, etc, this “cake” looks so pretty and festive. You can put any small gifts in it, such as candies, chocolates, stationery, toys, greeting cards, jewelry accessories and even money! It’s great for kids’ party where each slice of the cake can be a goodie bag. It’s also great for family holiday party where everyone gets a lucky draw for their holiday gift. It’s very easy to make the pieces of the cake with the available template. Let’s try it!

How-to-DIY-Creative-Cake-Shaped-Gift-Boxes-1.jpg How-to-DIY-Creative-Cake-Shaped-Gift-Boxes-2.jpg How-to-DIY-Creative-Cake-Shaped-Gift-Boxes-3.jpg How-to-DIY-Creative-Cake-Shaped-Gift-Boxes-4.jpg How-to-DIY-Creative-Cake-Shaped-Gift-Boxes-5.jpg How-to-DIY-Creative-Cake-Shaped-Gift-Boxes-6.jpg How-to-DIY-Creative-Cake-Shaped-Gift-Boxes-7.jpg How-to-DIY-Creative-Cake-Shaped-Gift-Boxes-8.jpg How-to-DIY-Creative-Cake-Shaped-Gift-Boxes-9.jpg How-to-DIY-Creative-Cake-Shaped-Gift-Boxes-10.jpg How-to-DIY-Creative-Cake-Shaped-Gift-Boxes-2.jpg

Here’s the link to a nice video tutorial on YouTube…

How to DIY Creative Cake Shaped Gift Boxes Tutorial

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