How to DIY Beautiful Flowers from Wire and Thread

How to DIY Beautiful Flowers from Wire and Thread

I have featured quite a few projects to make beautiful flowers, such as paper flowers, ribbon flowers, beaded flowers and so on. Let’s try something new and interesting! Here is a nice tutorial on how to make beautiful flowers from wire and thread. This unique craft is called Ganutell, which is a Maltese art form of making decorative flowers from spiral wire, silk thread, and beads. It looks so special and beautiful and is great for decorations and fashion projects. Let’s try it!

Here are the things you may need:

  • metal wire;
  • silk or rayon thread;
  • artificial pistils;
  • beads;
  • pliers;
  • scissors.

How-to-DIY-Beautiful-Flowers-from-Wire-and-Thread-1.jpg How-to-DIY-Beautiful-Flowers-from-Wire-and-Thread-2.jpg How-to-DIY-Beautiful-Flowers-from-Wire-and-Thread-3.jpg How-to-DIY-Beautiful-Flowers-from-Wire-and-Thread-4.jpg How-to-DIY-Beautiful-Flowers-from-Wire-and-Thread-5.jpg How-to-DIY-Beautiful-Flowers-from-Wire-and-Thread-6.jpg How-to-DIY-Beautiful-Flowers-from-Wire-and-Thread-7.jpg How-to-DIY-Beautiful-Flowers-from-Wire-and-Thread-8.jpg How-to-DIY-Beautiful-Flowers-from-Wire-and-Thread-9.jpg

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