DIY Decorative Fan from Plastic Forks

DIY Decorative Fan from Plastic Forks

Here is a super cute idea to make a decorative fan from plastic forks. You don’t have to use new plastic forks. It’s actually a great way to recycle used forks from parties. With a little bit of creativity and patience, you can give used plastic forks new life and turn them into a beautiful wall or table decor. You can use your favorite colors and ornaments to create your own style. Enjoy!

Here are the things you may need:

  • Plastic forks;
  • Lace;
  • Ribbon;
  • Paper or fabric roses;
  • Cardboard;
  • A round shape object;
  • Scissors;
  • Glue.

DIY-Decorative-Fan-from-Plastic-Forks-1.jpg DIY-Decorative-Fan-from-Plastic-Forks-2.jpg DIY-Decorative-Fan-from-Plastic-Forks-3.jpg DIY-Decorative-Fan-from-Plastic-Forks-4.jpg DIY-Decorative-Fan-from-Plastic-Forks-5.jpg DIY-Decorative-Fan-from-Plastic-Forks-6.jpg DIY-Decorative-Fan-from-Plastic-Forks-7.jpg DIY-Decorative-Fan-from-Plastic-Forks-8.jpg DIY-Decorative-Fan-from-Plastic-Forks-9.jpg DIY-Decorative-Fan-from-Plastic-Forks-10.jpg DIY-Decorative-Fan-from-Plastic-Forks-11.jpg DIY-Decorative-Fan-from-Plastic-Forks-12.jpg DIY-Decorative-Fan-from-Plastic-Forks-13.jpg DIY-Decorative-Fan-from-Plastic-Forks-14.jpg

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