Creative Ideas – DIY Quick And Easy Homemade Air Fresheners

Creative Ideas - DIY Quick And Easy Homemade Air Fresheners

We all want to make our home a nice place to stay in. That’s why we spend a lot of time and efforts cleaning and deodorizing our home to make it sparkly clean and smell fresh. A pleasant smelling home will have a positive impact on your mood and make you happier. Most people buy the air fresheners in the stores. There are many types of air fresheners you can choose from, such as sprays, oils, candles and other scented products. If you are concerned about the chemicals that these products contain, you can always try making your own air fresheners. It turns out to be very quick and easy to do, and you can use the all-natural ingredients that are readily available in your household.

In this tutorial, YouTube channel Aim To Create demonstrates how to create quick and easy homemade air fresheners. All you need for this recipe are only two ingredients: baking soda and essential oil. You can create two different versions with an empty candle container or a mason jar with lid. So, instead of spending extra money on store-bought products, try these quick, easy and inexpensive DIY air fresheners. Follow the video and watch the detailed instructions. Enjoy!

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source: Aim To Create

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