Creative Ideas – DIY How To Install Knee-Wall Storage

Creative Ideas - DIY How To Install Knee-Wall Storage

Do you need extra space and storage in your room? Dressers can get really bulky and take up too much space to fit in your room. Thanks to the creativity of the DIY enthusiasts, you can convert hidden, unused spaces into valuable storage areas. Knee walls are the short interior walls built beneath the roof rafters. If your house has knee wall,  you may install a built-in chest of drawers right into the wall! It looks really practical and fantastic. It works like a hidden dresser and won’t take up any of your floor space in your room, and the best part, you can do the whole by DIY. But be sure to consult a licensed contractor or structural engineer before getting started.

Head over to This Old House for the detailed instructions…

This Old House – How to Install Knee-Wall Storage

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