Creative Ideas – DIY Disney Frozen Olaf Sock Snowman

Creative Ideas - DIY Olaf Sock Snowman

Sock dolls or animals are just fabulous and the process of making them is so much fun. Be sure to check out all the sock craft projects on my site HERE.

Do you like Disney Frozen Olaf the snowman? Here’s a fun DIY project to make Olaf sock snowman. It looks so cute and cheerful with its smiling face. It’s very easy to make and you can work with your kids on it. It will also be a fun activity for the kids to do in a Frozen themed birthday party.

Check out the detailed instructions and free pattern in the following link…

One Creative Mommy – Olaf Sock Snowman Tutorial

A similar project:

Creative Ideas - DIY Disney Frozen Olaf Sock SnowmanRepeat Crafter Me – Olaf Sock Snowman

The following is another adorable sock snowman DIY project. Enjoy!

How to DIY Cute Sock Snowman

Click here for How to DIY Cute Sock Snowman

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