40+ Creative DIY Pinecone Craft Projects for Kids

40+ Creative DIY Pinecone Craft Projects for Kids

Nature is one of the best places to look for craft inspirations. Are you a fan of pinecones? Fall and winter are the time of the year when you can find pinecones everywhere. Not only are these adorable round woody fruits of a pine tree fun to play with for kids, they can also be turned into many different things by kids! Here we listed 40+ creative DIY pinecone craft projects for kids. From pinecone animal crafts to pinecone Christmas decorations, there is always an enjoyable activity for kids of every age, and the entire family. It’s a fabulous way to let your kids see the beauty of nature and get a chance to upcycle things from the nature. Let’s go outside with the kids, pick up some pinecones and try to make some of these cute pinecone crafts!

1. DIY Pinecone Owl Ornament

DIY Pinecone Owl OrnamentFind out more details at Repeat Crafter Me

2. Felt and Pinecone Turkey Craft

Felt and Pinecone Turkey CraftFind out more details at Lia Griffith

3. Pinecone Christmas Tree

Pinecone Christmas TreeFind out more details at Crafter’s Delights

4. Make Zinnia Flowers from Pinecones

Make Zinnia Flowers from PineconesFind out more details at A Fanciful Twist

5. DIY Pinecone Birdfeeder

DIY Pinecone BirdfeederFind out more details at Happiness is Homemade

6. Yarn Pine Cones

Yarn Pine ConesFind out more details at Family Chic by Camilla Fabbri

7. Felt and Pinecone Elves

Felt and Pinecone ElvesFind out more details at Lia Griffith

8. Pinecone Gnomes

Pinecone GnomesFind out more details at We Bloom Here

9. Pinecone Love Bugs

Pinecone Love BugsFind out more details at Fireflies and Mud Pies

10. Pinecone Reindeer

Pinecone ReindeerFind out more details at Kids Craft Room

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